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Room Design

Each room is designed to have a different purpose within the venue. Although they all just look super fun, they all have the most amazing learning opportunities. I feel like the perfect play environment allows children to have a space to be able to focus, move, imagine and get messy. Each room is open during our Open Play Sessions as well as certain rooms being open in the baby and toddler classes that we have to offer to give a nice variety of play.


Our Specialty…

Creativity Room

Let your child immerse themselves in mess with the options of crafting, painting, drawing and so much more. We have a huge selection of crafting and art supplies, let them express themselves in whichever way they want to which will encourage their creativity. We will offer different themed crafts depending on the holiday or season.

Movement Room

This particular room is a room filled with fun and specifically designed for the early years. The inspiration behind this room came from having a little one who didn’t immediately take to soft play and needed encouragement and to know he had someone safe close by. This smaller space is completely enclosed and has safety in mind. Enough to challenge the little minds of your babies and toddlers, but an environment that makes them feel safe. This room encourages discovery and free movement.

Imagination Room

The imagination room will always be one of my favourites. The perfect room for the most creative minds. Lots of beautiful wooden toys and equipment to let little one’s imaginations run wild and play all kinds of pretend play games. The room will have key pieces such as shop play and house play but will also rotate to keep it fresh. 

Sensory Room

This room is an incredible focus for babies and toddlers. The equipment is completely state of the art and there is nothing like it in the local area. There are so many learning opportunities in this room and there is so much stimulation available. This room is incredible for parent and child bonding as well as encouraging independent exploration.

Ball Pit Room

The interactive ball pit room is so fun and it’s a super tactile sensory experience. This really gets your little one moving which is amazing for their vestibular system which helps with balance and coordination. Exercise is great for little ones not just for their body health but for their mind too! Making it fun can help them to have a healthy relationship to movement as they get older.

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