Our journey

Family Run, Established in 2019

Our Story

Established in 2019

Glow Baby started back in 2019 as nothing but an idea. My gorgeous little boy Hunter was born in May and we were besotted. I went to many groups which I absolutely loved, and I started to notice something was different about my little boy as I looked at the other babies.

He wasn’t making eye contact with me, couldn’t hold a gaze and his eyes appeared very flickery. I started the mad mum research as we all do whenever our babies are ill. I had all sorts of ideas about what could be going on, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

I took Hunter to a clinic at the Children’s Centre and I was immediately referred to the hospital as the health visitors could clearly see that something was wrong.

After many tests, nights of worry, stuck in a little hospital room, we were told the news that little Hunter was visually impaired, and at very best, could see the comparison of light and dark.

I took the diagnosis quite badly at first, but in a short time, I immersed myself in the research of sensory play and visual stimulation and was determined to do everything I could to give Hunter the best life possible.

We started to notice a gradual improvement in Hunter’s vision and as time went on Hunter went from being clinically ‘blind’ to actually seeing quite well. We have been absolutely amazed with our little miracle child and still to this day will be forever thankful to sensory play, I truly believe that he wouldn’t be where he is today without this.

This is where Glow Baby was born, I wanted to help others the way that sensory play helped me and gave me a focus. I started volunteering at the Children’s Centre running groups for children with additional needs and my ideas kept on coming.

I started to run sensory development classes each week for all kinds of babies and toddlers and was over run with joy. Lockdown meant that I didn’t manage to run my classes for very long, but as soon as we were given the green light I started back up again and the groups went from strength to strength.

I decided this was what I wanted to do and dreamed of my own venue, until I found the perfect place and decided to go for it, and here we are!