Our journey

Family Run, Established in 2019

Our Story

Established in 2019

Glow Baby started back in 2019 as nothing but an idea. My gorgeous little boy Hunter was born in May and we were besotted. I went to many groups which I absolutely loved, but I started to notice something was different about my little boy as I looked at the other babies.

He wasn’t making eye contact with me, couldn’t hold a gaze and his eyes appeared very flickery. I started to research and had all sorts of ideas about what could be going on, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

I took Hunter to a clinic at the Children’s Centre and I was immediately referred to the hospital as the health visitors could clearly see that something was wrong.

After many tests, nights of worry, stuck in a little hospital room, we were told the news that little Hunter was visually impaired, and at very best, could see the comparison of light and dark.

I took the diagnosis quite badly at first, but in a short time, I immersed myself in the research of sensory play and visual stimulation and was determined to do everything I could to give Hunter the best life possible.

We started to notice a gradual improvement in Hunter’s vision and as time went on, although was legally ‘blind’ we realised Hunter was seeing more than we could ever imagine. We have been absolutely amazed with our little miracle child and still to this day will be forever thankful to sensory play, I truly believe that he wouldn’t be where he is today without this.

As time went on we learned that Hunter had no light perception in one eye and could see nothing at all, but had useable vision in the other eye teamed with nystagmus. We did everything we could to strengthen the vision in the one eye and he lives a wonderful life now and has exceeded all of our hopes for him.

This is where Glow Baby was born, I wanted to help others the way that sensory play helped me and gave me a focus. I started my volunteer training at the Children’s Centre but the pandemic in 2020 meant that things had to come to a standstill for a while although I still provided online support through my social media account.

I finally started to run sessions for children with additional needs and disabilities with The Early Help Service after the pandemic and we provided some lovely sessions and I made some amazing connections with some local families, some of whom I’m still in contact with now and continue to see at Glow Baby.

I also started running local groups in local venues to reach a wider community of people, I was now running groups for babies and toddlers of all abilities.

I felt it was important to have something on offer to support the development of local babies and toddlers, as well as offer mental health support and friendship to the parents and carers that came along.

I continued to offer successful groups in Battle and Bexhill for a number of months. My father sadly passed away during the Summer of 2021, we used to talk a lot about my plans and dreams for Glow Baby. When I found out he had left me an inheritance, I knew what I had to do, to honour him and continue to help the community.

I began to search for a more permanent venue and found a venue with potential in the heart of Hastings. I transformed a building full of offices into a multitude of different play rooms suitable to support learning through play for the Early Years.

I opened successfully and have had nothing but amazing feedback about what we have provided for the local community.

I absolutely love the space I have created but I do dream of finding a venue one day with a beautiful outdoor space and in the meantime I am on a fundraising journey to be able to make this happen, watch this space!